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About the Hidden Sheep Crew 

I grew up on a remote farm in Northern Queensland, Australia and since childhood I have always spent the majority of my time playing and exploring the outdoors. Fast forward 25 years not much has changed. Before establishing roots in Cumberland, I travelled to various parts of the world, and what I always seemed to notice was people, especially children, being their happiest outside.

This resonated with me and I wanted to share these experiences with twins, Soia and Zayden.

Spending most of our days outdoors, skiing; hiking; mountain biking; swimming; exploring and creating things, I quickly realized the importance (and challenges) of proper layering and high-performance clothing to help keep the kiddos warm, dry and loving their nature experience no matter what the weather. 

​After years toying with the idea of a clothing company and it was pulling at my heartstrings, I decided to give up my high-paid corporate desk job, and stress that goes with it for a job that integrated my passion for creating and the outdoors. (And of course, the flexibility to get out there and enjoy it with the family.) So Hidden Sheep was born. 

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