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Many kids enjoy wearing rich blue thermal pants with extra length during their adventures. However, for added fun, children often prefer to wear colorful thermal pants in rich blue colors that feature longer sleeve cuffs and waist. These pants are designed to last longer as kids grow quickly, providing them with comfort and style during any adventure.




Merino Wool Long Sleeve Ocean Blue Pant

PriceFrom C$42.00
  • We recommended you wash your Hidden Sheep Merino Wool in detergent for Woolpower.

    Turning your garment inside out before washing will help increase its lifespan.

    Garments can be tumble-dried in a warm setting, but excessive dryer heat will damage and shrink the fibers.

    All of our Merino Wool fabric has been washed and tumble-dried prior to us sewing them.

    Don't stop wearing your Hidden Sheep merino wool just because it has a snag, mend it with a patch kit (we would be happy to send a kit to you) or a quick stitch. 

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